5% rule. Equity. Sustainability.

The 5% rule: Putting our money where our mission is.

Our commitment to change is woven into the DNA of our company. Our community is our greatest resource and we stand by our mission to serve them.

We believe in giving back and that change comes with action. Every year, we commit 5% of our profit to supporting projects that enrich our community. Whether it’s partnering with local causes, providing high-end production services free of charge to nonprofits or small businesses, or providing resources to aspiring creatives, we are uncompromising in our commitment to our community.

Creativity should bring ALL of us together. When you partner with Goldlime, you get the expertise your project needs to move forward while also providing opportunity for others.

Keep on eye on our social as we share these lovely adventures! 😊

Equitable relationships.

Growing and unifying talent—new and established—within our community is important to us and we are dedicated to making everyone’s experience equitable. Our approach to encouraging more diversity in the industry is by building personal relationships and fostering connections that align with each individuals’ goals. We are happy to supply resources and make introductions to help navigate the production landscape. We are always learning and always working to support the growth and inclusiveness of our industry.


Let’s be real: production is wasteful. Making sets more sustainable is a foundational belief of ours. We have cultivated relationships and resources to implement responsible on-set practices and reduce the output of carbon and physical waste. Our sustainability partners have the knowledge, technology, and expertise to shift productions into net-zero and zero-waste operations.

We need your help. Investment in sustainability is critical to protect and create longevity for our planet, and we would love your financial and social support in doing so.

Ask us about how to make your sets more sustainable and the data that can we can provide to show the incredible benefits of funding these practices. We can all do better to take care of Mother Earth! 🌎